About Granulita

Apie "Granulita"
Apie "Granulita"Apie "Granulita"

Granulita UAB is a manufacturer of wood pellets that produces 70,000 tonnes of product annually.

Our mission: To manufacture premium quality eco-friendly and clean fuel that produces cost-effective heat.

Our vision: To maintain our position as a reliable producer of high-quality pellet fuel, taking every possible advantage of the latest technological advancements in wood processing and taking into account the importance of environmental directives. In 2007, in order to maintain our position as a new, reliable and high-quality pellet fuel supplier, we acquired a modern, fully-automated wood pellet production line.

We sincerely hope that the products we make serve as evidence of our high standards for quality, satisfy the specific needs of our customers and become a great alternative for traditional fuels.