Bulk bags (FIBC)


Weight: 1000 kg
Pellet diameter: 6 mm
Calorific value: 4,9 - 5,3 kWh/kg
Fine particles: ≤ 1.0%
Mechanical durability: ≥ 98%
Gross density (ca.):
1.25 kg/dm3
Moisture: 4,0 - 8,0%
Ash content:< 0.5%
Ash melting temperature:
>1200 C°

Premium quality wood pellets made of Lithuanian softwood, transported in bulk bags (FIBC).
Certified in compliance with the DIN Plus and EN Plus standards. Come in 1 t packages.
Bulk bags are intended for industrial furnaces and heating large private premises. For the purposes of transportation and storage, the pellets are moisture-resistant and do not produce dust. Available at various retail centres and specialised stores.