Cookie policy


Who is responsible for collecting cookie data?

1. Website s owned and administered by UAB “Granulita”. The company uses cookies on its website, which are automatically placed in the browsers or devices of data subjects browsing the website if such functionality is activated in their browser settings. UAB Granulita is the controller of the data collected using cookies.
Contact details of the Data Controller:
Draugystės str. 41, Vainiūnų vil.
LT- 82293 Radviliškis distr. mun. Lithuania.
Tel. 8-422-65801, e-mail:

2. There are different types of cookies, but most often the following categories are distinguished: necessary, functional, analytical (statistical) and advertising cookies. The Data Controller uses only analytical cookies on its website, which collect certain statistical information about visitors.

3. Specific cookies, their functions and storage terms are indicated in the table below.

How to manage cookies?

4. Data subjects browsing the Data Controller’s website can manage cookies in two ways:
(i) In their browser settings, they can choose which cookies can be used and which cookies should be blocked. There (in browser settings) they can also delete all previously saved cookies.
(ii) Use a pop-up window during the opening of the website, which allows agreeing or disagreeing with the use of cookies.

5. If you choose to allow using analytical cookies, they will be installed on your terminal device. The basis for the data processing will be your consent (Art. 6(1)(a) of GDPR).

6. Please note that this website uses cookies owned by third parties. These third parties have access to the information collected through the cookies they use. Third parties are Google Inc. If you wish to know more about this company’s cookies and a third party that can access the information collected, or how to enable and disable cookies, you can familiarise yourself with the third-party cookie policy using the following link:

7. The following is the exact list of cookies used on this website



Period of validity


This is a third-party, Google Universal Analytics, cookie that creates a unique identifier for each visitor to the website. Utilizing this unique identifier, the visitor is further recognizable when other times visits the website. In this way, it is possible to track the frequency, duration and other statistical parameters of visits.

1 year and 1 month


This is a third-party, Google Universal Analytics, cookie that identifies the user and is designed to manage the traffic of visitors to the website.

54 seconds


This is a third-party, Google Analytics, cookie that, based on a unique visitor identifier, collects statistics on how the visitor browses the website.

1 day


This is a third-party _Google Analytics_ cookie that counts the number of visitors to the website.

1 year and 1 month

8. The policy is subject to review from time to time. Updates and amendments to the policy take effect from the date of their approval.

9. The last policy revision was performed on 18 January 2024.