Quality pellets guaranteed. DIN Plus certification guarantees that specific and essential criteria are met in various stages of production. Based on the DIN Plus Standard, wood pellets are categorised by diameter, abrasion resistance, water content and dust content.

In Europe, the EN Plus Standard sets requirements for quality both during production and delivery. Pellets that meet the requirements of the EN Plus Standard are of the highest quality and an ideal fit for pellet stoves and heating systems.

For more information on the certification of Granulita's production facilities, visit >
http://www.enplus-pellets.de or http://www.dincertco.de/de/dincertco/home.jsp or https://ic.fsc.org/en

A simple indicator of wood pellet quality is mechanical durability. Pellets should not crumble when pressed between the fingers. Other indicators, such as moisture, ash content, energy value, density and weight, are also important. The certification of Granulita products is a guarantee of their great quality.