Environmental protection


Granulita wood pellets are manufactured without using any chemical substances, binding agents or added substances. They maintain their shape because they have been compressed at a high temperature, a process during which the naturally-occurring lignin in the wood becomes the substance that binds the pellet together. Some scientists believe that wood pellets are a renewable energy source. They are eco-friendly because as they burn, they only emit as much carbon dioxide as the trees they were made from used during their lifetime.

Premium quality felled conifer lumber is used in the construction and furniture-making industry. The remaining lumber is bought up by Granulita and used to manufacture wood pellets. Stripped of its bark, the lumber is then pulverised, and the bark is used up during the production process as the raw material is dried. Only the best lumber waste is used for manufacturing wood pellets. Wood dust waste is then compressed and used to make briquettes.

The process of drying sawdust is one of the best illustrations of the eco-credentials of wood pellet production. Bark is used to dry the raw material, and the only waste-product – water – is released into the air.